Tablet CPU Comparison:Cortex A8 Vs. Cortex A9

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In recent months, many of the original tablet CPU does not fade out our vision, but also emerged in some of the new CPU chip, high-end series, including NVIDIA, Samsung, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments dual-core / quad-core processors.


The appearance of  Allwinner A10, the Vimicro VC0882, JZ4770 ,make domestic tablet pc market speeds up to the GHz level. Overall, the mainstream flat-panel chips have already entered the Cortex A8/A9 core era,  now moving to a high frequency, the direction of multi-core and more advanced technology.


The upgrade of Android device hardware are continuing.International brands naturally leading the advance of high-end flat, the local large number of small and medium-sized manufacturers basically occupy the entry-market. The followings are the perspective of functional applications to provide new reference


Cortex A8 series , the Samsung S5PC110/S5PV210 is undoubtedly one of the best famouse, the overall performance of the basic operators of the strongest standards in addition to video decoding. Freescale i.MX515 come to market for a long time, the parameters are relatively low, not high degree of concern, and therefore no longer included,OMAP3630 Series Texas Instruments OMAP3621 are basically the same level, the main reason why we  collect  is the recent hot saleing of  Lenovo tablet Music Pad A1(Basic on OMAP3621).Rockchip RK2918 firmware just come imperfect, now the emergence of SDK2.0 and transplantation of the Android 4.0 system, have made great progress from the performance, combined with the corresponding large number of products, the natural focus of the crossline one.


ARM9/ARM11 old architecture basically disappeared in the mainstream of tablet pc CPU market, the ARM family members of the Cortex A5 and A15 architecture there is no formal application, the current mobile microprocessor platform can be considered on the A8/A9 the world.


ARM Cortex A8 :

Samsung S5PC110/S5PV210 (45nm, 1GHz, 512MB LPDDR2 64bit, 512KB L2 Cache, PowerVR SGX540 GPU)
Representative products: Samsung P1000,M74,M75,M76,the world cool X700

Freescale the i.MX515 (65nm, 800MHz, 512MB of DDR2 32bit, 256KB L2 Cache, Adreno 200 GPUs)
Representative products:  Philips Connect 7, E, E-man T3

Texas Instruments The OMAP3621 (45nm, 1GHz/800MHz, 512MB of DDR2 32bit, 256KB L2 Cache, the PowerVR SGX530 GPUs)
Representative products:  Lenovo Le Pad A1, Barnes & Noble Nook Color

Rockchip RK2918 (55nm, 1GHz, 512MB DDR3 32bit, 512KB L2 Cache, Vivante GC800 GPU)
Represents the product: the CUBE U9GT 2, the original Road N90, Taipower P81HD,KD-31B,KD-31C

Allwinner A10 (55nm, 1.0/1.1GHz, 512MB DDR3 32bit, 512KB L2 Cache, ARM Mali 400 GPU)
Represents the product:KD-05,KD-06,KD-07,Audemars Piguet of N9, Onda VX Deluxe Edition series TPC P76, of Aino NOVO7 leading Edition

Telechips TCC8803 (45nm, 1GHz, 512MB DDR3 32bit, 256KB L2 Cache, ARM Mali 200 GPU)
Represents the product: Chi visual N19 V2, Austria

Innovation, ZiiLABS the ZMS-08 (45nm, 1GHz, 512MB DDR2 64bit, 256KB L2 Cache, GPUs based on stem cell array)
Represents the product:innovation ZiiO 7, ViewSonic VB730

Vimicro VC0882 (65nm, 1GHz, 512MB/1GB DDR2 32bit, 256KB L2 Cache, Vivante GC400 GPU)
Representative products: Rechi MD706, Superpad VII,Superpad VII 3G Version


Cortex A9 , AML8726-M as the leading local mainstream of tablet pc CPU into a program of the A8/A9 grade to play with the waste heat is still on the market, although the Redu smaller than the RK2918 and QUAN Zhi A10, but there are still sound Yue DepartmentChi, Ainol brand of several representative products. The NEC EV2 CPU the A9 of the dual-core, but the frequency is too low, the GPU is not too advanced, the overall degree of concern is not high, the number of related products and rarely included in the crossline range. NVIDIA Tegra 2 as the "Queen" before the honeycomb plate configuration, continues to occupy many of the high-end flat share, continue to join in to. Texas Instruments OMAP4430 previously only used on the BlackBerry PlayBook become another hot Following Tegra 2 processor is used in the Amazon Kindle Fire and B & N the Nook the Tablet of these two cost-effective hot plate, but as of press before detailed evaluation has not been completed, coupled with the current is not a native system, for the time being is not easy to do comparison. Several other CPU left, Samsung, Orion tablet has not been evaluated by the Apple A5 chip iPad not the Android system, NVIDIA Tegra 3 tablet not yet listed, so not to join the contrast.


ARM Cortex A9 :

AMlogic AML8726-M (single-core, 65nm, 800MHz, 512MB DDR2 32bit, 128KB L2 Cache, the ARM Mali 400 GPU, the NEON)
- On behalf of the Product: Smart Devices TEN, 2, Yin Yue Meeting W12HD ICOO T77PRO

NEC Renesas semiconductor EV2 (dual-core, 40nm, 533MHz, 512MB DDR2 32bit, 256KB L2 Cache, the PowerVR SGX530 GPU, the NEON)
- On behalf of the Product: the Taipower P72, ViewSonic VB733, Owen N5

NVIDIA Tegra 2 (dual-core, 40nm, 1GHz, 512MB/1GB DDR2 32bit, 1MB L2 Cache, the GeForce ULP GPU, without the NEON)
- On behalf of the Product: Samsung P7510, the Tablet Sony S1, ASUS TF101

Texas Instruments OMAP4430 (dual-core, 45nm, 1GHz, 512MB/1GHz LPDDR2 64bit, 1MB L2 cache, the PowerVR SGX540, the NEON)
- On behalf of the product: Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, the Nook Tablet, Motorola Xoom

Samsung Exynos 4210 (dual-core, 45nm, 1.2/1.4GHz, 1GB LPDDR2 64bit, 1MB L2 Cache, the ARM Mali 400 [quad core], the NEON)
- On behalf of the Product: Samsung Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Tab 7.7

Apple Apple A5 (dual-core, 45nm, 1GHz, 512MB DDR2 or DDR3 64bit, 1MB L2 Cache, the PowerVR the SGX543 [nuclear], the NEON)
- On behalf of the product: Apple, the iPad, the iPhone 4S

NVIDIA Tegra (quad-core, 40nm, 1.3GHz, the 1GB/2GB DDR3/LPDDR2, 1MB L2 Cache, the GeForce ULP GPU, the NEON)
- On behalf of the Product: ASUS the Transformer Prime, HTC the Quattro

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